Thursday, November 24, 2011

makan lagi....

Now, every saturday ill have lunch with myBanker..
haaa, bukan kat kedai taw...i ler yg msk..huhuhuu..
this is the 2nd time i masak tok dier..
check it out...

 Ayam masak merah
 Bendi Goreng
 Sotong Goreng Tepung
 Timun as always for my mkn sayur die nih!!
n tomatoes for me!

Thats our lunch...
I have a great a day..

Banker i dtg pg2 nk kc sotong..huhuhuhu...
itu 1st time wt sotong goreng tepung taw..=)
suke perasaan tgok org yg trsyng mkn mknan yg kiter msk,
even a simple meal..=)

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