Thursday, November 24, 2011


Last week, ive been attacked by ants!!
not me directly...but my pc at my office...

ni baru sikit...


 I told u rite!!
geli giler, n a bit smelly...
how come i dont even notice there is "this creature" alive in my pc...

i hurriedly asking a favor from IS Department people to settle this issue..
My Pc been taken to... i dunno where to do the clean up session..
but then, left me with no pc???
atleast, still there is a good thing happen that day..
Skipping Works!!!yeayyyy!!!
I can only et my pc back on the next day...
xde keje, kacau orang..=p

makan lagi....

Now, every saturday ill have lunch with myBanker..
haaa, bukan kat kedai taw...i ler yg msk..huhuhuu..
this is the 2nd time i masak tok dier..
check it out...

 Ayam masak merah
 Bendi Goreng
 Sotong Goreng Tepung
 Timun as always for my mkn sayur die nih!!
n tomatoes for me!

Thats our lunch...
I have a great a day..

Banker i dtg pg2 nk kc sotong..huhuhuhu...
itu 1st time wt sotong goreng tepung taw..=)
suke perasaan tgok org yg trsyng mkn mknan yg kiter msk,
even a simple meal..=)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

xsehat laaaaa......

ade 2 ulser dlm mulut..sakit sgt bile nk mkn, or even nk cakap..
lg suffer arini ade meeting and kene present..
sakit sgt....
lebih2 suffer ade ofismate tmpaq manje plak tepat2 kt ulser..=(..

td lunch mkn sket jek..
nk kunyah makanan pon saket..
sbb nasi kan cam keras..
kalaulah ade bubur or sup kannn..

balik je rumah, xtuka baju terus p dapuq..
dinner malam ni msk bubur and sup ayam lah...
sian kan, sakit2 pon kene msk sndiri..=(
encik banker pon demam...

nak msk bubur n sup ayam sennang jeee...

umah sewa i xde rice cooker, so cook in a tradisional way la kan..=)


Agak menyelerakan jugak bile siap..heeeeeeeeeee!

 yeah, i know..bnyk minyak kan...
take few minutes jgk la nk buang minyak dier...huhu
2 la law amatur yg msk..=p

 rase lega sgt bole mkn dengan selesa..
xde la sampai x rase ssakit langsun, tp less pain la kan..=)

ingat nak bg banker i mkn, cos dier pon xsehat..
tp i xde kete lg..soon, insyalah..
wteve pon, banker yg kene dtg amek kt umah i..
but then, dier nk dtg pn xlarat....T.T

tomorrow, ill serve him as a brekfast lahh...
hopefully sok larat g keje, cos last week da amek mc..
annual leave pn da abes..

Jom Berehat~~~~~~

Monday, November 14, 2011

In the dark~~

seriosly, i reallyyyyy cant sleep in the dark...
nak taw knape??
i always imagine there will be a ghost under my bed, hiding in my comforter, 
or even standing front me whenever i open my eyes...
its reallyyyyyyyy freaking me out!!...

im totally cursing people if they tag me on ghost picture or somthing...
ok fine, kalau siang xpe..but, during midnight??..%bnh## giler kot!!

To make it worst,
my table lamp aka lampu tidur ku suda rosakkk..
i sanggup kot tido xtutup lampu, smpi saket mate ni haaaa...
and its been a weeksssss suda, i was sleeping like that,,,
i dun even have time to buy the new one, or replace the mentol..pffttttt...
wanita bekerjay kot...
all my weekend is just to sleep, staying at howm doing nothing...ngeeee!!

At last, my banker bought me the new one!!!
cute mute sgt!!

  my old lamp yg noob..hahahaha..
habes madu sepah dibuang kann..=p

my adorable new lamp!!

 teman tidurku~~
enlighten my night and tight well as he's brighten my life..(^.^)

A Memorable Lunch~~

I dunno how to cook..seriously, i can bake a cake (know how to basis, hahahaha) and doing simple chores..thats it..(takat masak nasi, goreng telor tu memang la boleh kan)

I told myBanker awal2, he didnt expect much la kan...
Thank God, hes okay with it..
but somehow, HIS MOM NOT!!
She asked me previously, not in direct way la kan..
she sort of
"menantu makcik Nah pandai wat langsir cantik2, anak cik Pah pandai wt kueh mueh..
Beba pandai wt ape?"

Pergh, I was like..what theeee...
 I was stunt!!gigling and shaking!!hahahaa...hiperbola terlampau!
At the end, Nak taw i jwp pe lepas berfikif 86 kali??
saye expert tekan2 kalkulator....hahahahahahaha..
Jawapan x semenggah langsung..
konon2 nk tnjuk i commit ngan keje la kan..hehehe plan this week, i want to cook something for myBanker..
as preparation in case his mum nak follow up my cook skill status...hahahhaha..
Though, its for my own benefit la kan..

Alhamdullilah, it turns out quit well..=)
Menu of the Day
Sambal Sotong
Kangkung Goreng
Ayam Goreng Kunyit
Sambal Bilis , and
Timun for our ulam..

after packed...

 Looks nice to eat...
and after eat???

A Thumbs up for me!!
tak kisah la as he just jage hati or wat, but i'm still happy...
he seems to be honest and fair..=p