Tuesday, October 12, 2010


its only been 2 posts..
but id ady enjoyed d writng ..
i feel dat. its 1 of my way 2 feel lege, evrytime i write down wt i felt..
nothin mcuh happen..
incik convo arini, but i couldt go 2 clbrte wif himm..
nape xg?????????
well, im not redi 2 c his parents yet!!
nvmnd, my turn will come later...
hope 2 c him in jubah ptg nih!!!
but.....nk bg ape ek?????

Monday, October 11, 2010

where am i...im lost..(T.T)

yesterday was d most gloomy mondy id ever had!!
my fyp still got many thing 2 amend, a cold meeting wit suprvisor,
n received such a low marks 4 my testtt...
starting week yg sgt D.E.M
i woke up dis moning, hoping dat a better air..
startd by presnt advnce, bt yet ntah ape2...
i was in rush coz i tot v r d last grop..
bt thn still got othrs havent prsnt, will b done on thrsdy..
i was like forcing my members 2 presnt hurriedly, 
n obviously she kind of amik ati n i...
dush2..i hate dat...it wasnt my intention dear~~~~~
goin back 2 c my nice roomy which i had told her everyyyyyyyyyyyythng...
inspired 2 do suh tones of work i hevent touch any...
yet i havent start anythng...siap bru bgun dr tito lgik..haaaaaaa..
 i need sum1 2 makeover of my attitude...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

hye pal!!!

hye guys there..
im a new blogger, bt i certainly not new for this stuff..
im soooooo interestd to read people's blogs..
bace j r, nk comment xle sbb xd blog..kiki
having blog seems fun,sharing lots of thoughts, interests, happiness n so on...
i owez waiting d rite time 2 hav my own blog..
which i cn just dump evrythg here...hehehehehe..
well, stay tune wif me fellasss.....