Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Convocation~~~

The only reason i make this post, is just to share few pictures during my convocation..heeeeeeeee~~
i know its been like ages for me to make this new post...
let me check, last post was in May??
hehehe...i cant help my self..busy in adapting new environment..ill talk about it later...

For now..enjoy some pictures of mine during my convocation...

Picture that i like the most!!

 with my parents..secocok gitu~~

with him...(^.^)

All of us...
Tq Fiqah for a long waiting outside and alone...i appreciate it a lot..
and my abang for the nice picturessss.....

hehehe...see how happy i am..
(agak kurang matang disitu..kekeke)

 Nothing much to say, but im sooooooo happy that day..
but only for a while..
somthin happened, grabbed all my happiness in a second..(T.T)
its is not always been good..